Satun Aidil Fitri Open House 1440

On 7th June 2019, Yannaty hotel got a good opportunity to welcome Mr. Arun Umaji who is the Chief Executive Officer of Satun Islamic provincial. The hotel is a part of Hari Raya Food Festival named “Satun Aidil Fitri Open House 1440” At that day, the hotel allowed participants to visit its booth and experience one of the delicious plates from Firdous dining room named Thai fish organs sour soup which is a menu the hotel proud to present. Using three colors of boiled rice vermicelli is the highlight of the menu topped with spicy fish sauce curry paste, boiled egg and fresh vegetables. Because of the taste and the decoration of the menu resulted to great response from the participants. The food was sold out in an hour. For those people who was not participate in the festival and want to try Thai fish organs sour soup, you can visit Firdous dining room at Yannaty Hotel 186, Niphat-U-thid 3, Hatyai, Songkhla, Thailand, 90110 (+66)74355700 (+66)0902245562